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Phone: (828)357-5100

601 West State Street, Black Mountain, N.C.



Samsung Galaxy S5

Your price: $149.99

16MB Pixel Camera 8GB Hard drive Quad Core 2.5 CPU 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System 2GB RAM Verizon Colors: Blue, Gold, Silver


Samsung Galaxy S6

Your price: $299.99

64GB Hard Drive Verizon Color: Blue


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Your price: $253.99

32GB Colors: Blue Verizon


Samsung Galaxy S7

Your price: $280.99

Hard Drive: 32GB Color: Blue Verizon


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Your price: $335.99

Hard Drive: 32GB Color Blue Verizon


Iphone 5c

Your price: $149.99

Hard Drive: 16GB Colors: Green & White Verizon


Iphone 6

Your price: $253.99

Hard Drive 64GB Verizon Colors: Gold, Silver


Iphone 6 plus

Your price: $299.99

16GB Hard Drive color: sliver Unlocked to all carriers


Iphone 6S

Your price: $379.99

16GB Color: Silver Verizon


Iphone 7

Your price: $379.95

32GB Hard Drive Unlocked to all Carriers


LG G5 Titanium

Your price: $179.99

16GB Hard drive Verizon



Your price: $139.99

Hard drive: 8GB Color: blue


Droid Maxx 2

Your price: $169.99

8 GB HD Color: Silver Verizon


Note 5

Your price: $279.99

32GB HD Color: Blue Verizon