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Services We Offer

We perform these services for residental, industrial and commerical buildings in the Western North Carolina area! Our staff are trained in Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems as well as the various mobile operating systems. We also build websites and custom software and applications designed for all operating systems on multiple devices.

Virus, malware, and spam removal from your computer. We clean the registry, clean out the cache and remove cookies from the computer. We do a scan for corrupted files, and update of programs and plug-ins. Check hard drive to make sure there is no corruption.

$90 labor + tax plus 60 + tax for the operating system

Windows updates, installation of chrome, firefox and java, shockwave, adobe reader. Install open office. Avast (free) installed.

Transfer your entire profile from one computer to another computer or to an extra hard drive (supplied by customer). When a purchase a computer at our store, data transfer from your old computer to the new one is free.

Bring in your electronics and let us see if we can fix them (we’ve fixed lots of electronics that customers have had sitting in their storage closets for a long time). We will have a look at any kind of electronics…televisions (flat screen only)…stereos, dvd/cd players, games systems, tablets, cell phones, etc. Not sure… bring it on by (or call) and ask. Repairs for any electronics $70 per hour plus tax Upfront diagnostic fee will be applied to total cost of repair. You will be contacted before work is done to complete the repair so you can decide whether the amount is worth spending to repair the electronic.

Install keyboard or other peripheral devices for computers

$50 plus purchase of keyboard

$40 per hour, plus replacement parts

Need some help with email? Need some answers to questions about how to operate your computer or just need to learn a new function and want someone to walk with you through the process? Come by, bring your equipment (if related to equipment) or just your questions and we’ll be happy to guide you.

  • Networking
  • Installation of Security Systems
  • Service Calls (at your home or business)
  • IT Consultations
  • Phone System Installations / Support

Now Selling Phones in Black Mountain

We offer cell phone packages with TracFone, simple mobile, page plus and total wireless right here in Black Mountain, NC. We sell SIM cards, iPhone, Android, LG and Samsung Galaxy smart phones. We also sell cases and other accessories for your mobile device. You can pay for the service plan in the shop or call us to renew any package service through page plus, total wireless, simple mobile and net 10. Call for package details.


Web services as well as Digital Media are calculated on a case by case basis depending on the contract and ammount of time required to complete goals

A Down payment of $200.00 is required for each contract and goes towards the agreed upon hourly rate.

This where we begin to establish the schedule, budget, timeline, technical needs, visual style and the target audience for your website.

Here we develop the sitemap which is the backbone of your website creating tone used for the content organization and the wireframe which dictates placeholders for the content.

In this phase we recieve your approval of the drafts and we begin to start production of the sites design.

We quality test and check each page for optimal efficiency ensuring cross-browser and device compatability. After all these steps are complete we upload the site with the clients final approval.

Types of Websites

Static Sites

Static or basic sites are those that only have a minimal use of images and pages. These are perfect for small business and upkeep in both content and cost is very easy depending on who you use for hosting. Our company has no preference but we can do further research on hosting and domain name purchase at no cost to you all you should do is contact us and let us know that you are interested.

Content Managment Systems

These types of sites allow you to to edit the content directly and only requires us to update the theme and go over with you personally all avaliable features to add content to your website if you wish to manage the direct upkeep. Here are some things to consider when using a content managment system like WordPress:


  • Templates are easy to use if you want to use a ready made design.
  • You have multiple users adding content with diffrent levels of permission.
  • Simple to create Content with no knowledge of HTML or CSS.
  • Blogs and usage statistics and other plug-ins are avaliable.
  • After we teach you how to update content there will be no need to contact us to update the content of your page.


  • Software cost or "free" which means you will be advertising for other companies.
  • Customizing designs and proper configuration.
  • Requires database access
  • Portability hindrance issues most CMS sites require technical steps to move from one server to the other. For instance, if you decide to go to a different server
  • Large systematic changes to your website
  • Training trusted employees to author and edit the content of your site. We will provide additional training at an additional cost.
  • This is a piece of software that must be periodically updated to ensure security patches or bug fixes are implemented

Dynamic Sites

These are for larger firms or small buisness that would like to add E-commerce or a social media variety to your website.

List of sites we create

  • Affiliate
  • Archive
  • Blog
  • Brand-building
  • Celebrity
  • Crowdfunding
  • Donation
  • Community
  • Classified Ads
  • Dating Sites
  • E-commerce
  • News
  • Forum
  • Gallery
  • Government
  • Gaming
  • Humor
  • Information
  • User created media sharing
  • Personal
  • Photo Sharing
  • Political
  • Q&A
  • Religious
  • Reviews
  • School
  • Search Engine(Spyder)
  • Showcase
  • Social Networking
  • Social News
  • Web Comics